good is in the process

a good process

No matter the scale, the process is always the same.

1 introduction

We always start from scratch. We believe a good video is made from asking the right questions and truly understand the problem at hand.

2 strategy

We define our strategy based on problem, analysis, audience insights, and campaign objectives. We ensure all channels are considered in launch strategy.​

3 brief

Once we have defined our goals and understand the problem we can define the output, tonality, and idea.​

4 planning

A project is only as good as its plan. We make sure we have everything mapped out before we go out and hit record.​

5 production

After thorough planning we finally get to say action! We plan for most outcomes, but when things come up on the day, we strive to be flexible and agile.​

7 edit

Once the footage is in the house, the real work begins. ​

7 review

We keep you part of the entire edit process. We only say it's a wrap when you are satisfied.​

7 publish

We provide all formats needed, and always follow-up on status and success

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